Classification and Reclamation

Qualified segregation

Classification & Reclamation

A significant part of East West Kurşun Textile is the segregation department. Clothes and shoes are carefully inspected and divided into 450 classes in order to ensure the highest reclamation rate. Our team segregates second hand textiles with an expert perspective and extensive knowledge on material properties according to both material and quality properties as well as special criteria such as religious and country-specific necessities. The most state of art technology is used to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Continuous training and expertise of our personnel is a natural requirement for us.

Approximately 90 percent of textile products are reclaimed. Textiles in reusable quality are packed properly and shipped to processing companies or importers in South America, Western and Eastern Africa, Southern Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe. These clothes are sold at second hand clothing stores or flea markets, and there are even times that they launched international fashion trends. Goods sent by East West Kurşun Textile are also preferred in automotive, insulation material and paper industries as well as in yarn, cleaning cloth or fleece (polar” fabric manufacturing.